Burgeoning artist Tierra Whack met her idol Lauryn Hill on Friday (July 13). Whack was opening for Ms. Hill as part of The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill World Tour 2018 at Philly’s Festival Pier.

Backstage, she got a chance to talk to Hill and shared a photo of the momentous occasion to her Instagram.

“Never thought I’d be performing on the same stage as this woman!” she wrote in the caption. “She is the sweetest person, her energy was sooo amazing and she was so humble!!! I would say that WE had a great conversation but SHE did most of the talking! (I was too busy trying not too panic).

“I pray that god keeps on blessing me and making all of my dreams come true! I hope that I am inspiring someone out there because for the first time I can honestly say that I am inspiring myself!!! (i still can’t believe I didn’t drop dead) I AM THE LIVING PROOF THAT ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE !!!

In a second Instagram photo, Whack shared a few photos from her set along with a handwritten note explaining how meeting Hill was one of the best moments of her life.

“Went home and cried by mysel in my room! She kept complimenting me and all I could say was thank you! To all my fans, just know you wouldn’t have Tierra Whack w/o Lauryn Hill. I am forever grateful.”

Whack released her debut album, Whack World, in May. The innovative audiovisual project was unveiled on Instagram in 15 different one-minute clips. Each one had Whack playing a different character and gave the term “creative” a whole new meaning.

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