In light of the ongoing battle between Pusha T and Drake, DX Breakdown host Murs takes some time to set some definitions for the different types of rap beef (opportunistic, personal and just straight-up rap rap beef) before getting into some history and digging into some of the lyrics from “Infrared,”“Duppy Freestyle” and “The Story Of Adidon.”

He also explains what he thinks it’ll take to win the battle.

“Will this battle be decided by sales? I don’t think so,” he explains. “Will this battle be decided by who has the best flow and the best cadence and the best production? Hell no. Will this battle be decided by who comes up with the best dirt and digs into the person’s background? I don’t think so. To me, this is still some MC shit and MC means ‘move the crowd.’ … Whoever the masses are reacting to the most wins the battle.”



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