2018 has been kind to Lil Pump so far. His first official release of the year, “Esskeetit,” dropped on April 28 — peaking at #28 on the Billboard Hot 100. Though it’s already fallen to #58, it may see another surge following his debut television performance Wednesday night (May 23) on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Pump put on an energetic performance, joined by two mascots in blue “Esskeetit” fat suits, and a consistent stream of falling sparkly confetti (in place of the money in the actual visual).

It’s been a great week for the 17-year-old following a successful performance on Day 2 of Rolling Loud, during which he and J. Cole interviewed each other. The two were rumored to have friction following the release of Cole’s KOD. Specifically, the song “1985” was said to be aimed squarely at Pump.

It appears there’s zero animosity between the two. “You smarter than what people know, what people might give you credit for … I think you smarter than what you put out there,” Cole told him during their interview. “When we met at Rolling Loud, it confirmed it.”