New York, NY

Saturday Night Live writers Sudi Green and Fran Gillespie spoke in a behind-the-scenes video, released on the SNL Youtube channel, about writing and producing the “A Kanye Place” sketch.

The acclaimed skit was part of last week’s internet-breaking episode hosted by Donald Glover.

Green and Gillespie originally wrote the skit as a live sketch, but realized during the Wednesday table reading there were too many moving parts. Given that it was a parody of Paramount’s recent horror film, A Quiet Place, they decided the best course of action would be to film it. The cornfield set was built indoors, on a soundstage, in under 24 hours and the sketch was shot on Friday afternoon. “The moment you walk onto set, that’s like my favorite thing,” shared Green, “because you wrote this thing, and it’s all very abstract, and then hours later you walk onto set, and it’s like ‘oh my God!’.”



Although it was a parody sketch, the writers and directors were dedicated authentically matching the various Kanye-related fiascos to the beats and atmosphere of the film. American Sign Language (ASL) translators were brought in during production to ensure that the actors were signing correctly during a portion where they communicated non-verbally.

The “Creating Saturday Live” interview for “A Kanye Place” can be found below while the original sketch is up above.

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