As Nicki Minaj prepares to release her second video for “Chun-Li” on Friday (May 4), she reportedly has some legal matters to tend to as well.

According to TMZ, the self-proclaimed Black Barbie is being sued by Isiah Simon, who’s accusing Minaj and Universal Music Group (UMG) of “brazenly” ripping off his inverted heart T-shirt design.

Minaj’s T-shirts say, “I Love Nicki,” but the upside-down heart intended to symbolize “love” looks like two breasts in a bikini. Simon, who says he’s the original creator of the design, uses it for his “I Love Venice Beach” merch.

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In the suit, Simon explained he copyrighted the design on Valentine Day’s 2015. Simon is reportedly asking UMG to discontinue the shirts on its website and wants the profits from any shirts already sold.

On the music front, Minaj shared a behind-the-scenes clip of the official “Chun-Li” video last week. In the caption, she explained they’d been shooting for two days and promised the new video will “BLOW ur fkng mind!”

Check out the clip below.

Ok, so here’s the story. When you click on the link in my bio, you’ll see me with my new baby @thealiyajanell who I saw dancing to itty bitty piggy one day & fell in love with her. Long story short, I hired her. The REAL #ChunLi video DOES NOT look like what you’ll see when you click the link!!!! But after 2 days of filming, around 5am when my whole team & crew were TIRED AF, I asked her to FREESTYLE with me & this is what happened. The real #ChunLi video was directed by @stevenkleinstudio and will BLOW ur fkng mind! I love my team so much. @bcompleted on style with @brettalannelson (talking shit in the back), @kimblehaircare on my hair (top notch QUEEN Tingz) and my baby @officialsheiks on makeup (top notch QUEEN TINGZ!!!!). Video coming soon. Thx for ur patience. Love you ???♥️ bts by @grizzleearts LINK IN MY BIO

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