While unfounded news runs rampant about Kanye West’s mental health, Bow Wow continues to seriously concern his massive social media following with melancholy posts almost daily.

On Tuesday morning (April 24), the 31-year-old former child rapper abruptly tweeted, “Feel like jumping off this balcony,” prompting onlookers to divert their attention to his words.

In a quickly deleted tweet, Moss responded to a distressed fan writing, “No im not gone do nothing. It was just a figure of speech. I woke up to bad news.”

And afterward, he took to Instagram to (somewhat) explain the situation. His comments managed to reference the Tristan Thompson situation.

“5am and im waking up with a BIG FUCK YOU to life. You sure do know how to fuck people at the wrong times!” he exclaimed on IG.

“I hope your coffee is hot as fuck and it burns you. I hope its cloudy all day and you cant see shit. I hope you get the Tristin T treatment in your comments if you have an IG punk. Sincerely yours …. Your best friend. Bow.”

Throughout the intense melodrama, Bow Wow highlighted lyrics from a song named “Death (I Want To Die)” off his upcoming DJ Green Lantern-assisted mixtape, Greenlight 6.

The disturbing lyrics read: “Momma sending me scriptures/But I barely even read ’em/And I barely got friends/And I’m like ‘fuck ’em, who need ’em?’/Money got me acting evil/Turning on my own people/Where the fuck was y’all at when a nigga really needed you?/Get the fuck off my plate, naw dog I can’t feed you/Thought about offing myself but Shai I can’t leave you/All my homies, I’ma see you/Can’t wait til I greet you/Gone be just like the old time but just more peaceful.


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My pain, My hurt, My truth, My life. ….. MAY 21st #Greenlight6 #THELASTONE

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MAY 21st #Greenlight6 ….. Here ya’ll go

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The mixtape has a street date of May 21 and it will be Bow Wow’s first solo project since 2013’s Green Light 5.