New York, NY

As Drake’s “God’s Plan” single spends it fourth week at the top of Billboard’s Hot 100, apparently everything isn’t all roses for the Toronto superstar.

Following the release of the “God’s Plan” video last week, Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg questioned Drake’s intention behind the visual, which saw the 6 God give away almost $1 million to the people of Miami.

“Is it a little bit cheap to use those emotions of, ‘Look at this person in need getting something good,’ and transfer those emotions onto yourself?” Rosenberg said. “I don’t know the last time I saw a four-minute montage of ‘Look at all the nice things I do.'”



Once Drake’s mother told him about Rosenberg’s comments, he felt inclined to call the longtime radio personality and give him a piece of his mind.

“I’ve never heard his Canadian accent that strongly,” Rosenberg explained on Thursday’s (February 22) episode of Ebro In The Morning. “Drake yelled and he was very passionate.”

As Rosenberg described, Drake screamed, “What’s your problem with me? How did you make this a negative thing?”



He added, “I could hear in his voice that this was very clearly the most important thing that he’s ever done. He was clearly very effected by doing something so good for people. That’s ultimately very great for the culture. But, I still would have said the video is not for me.”

After the release of the “God’s Plan” visual on February 16, Drake called it the “most important thing” he’s ever done in his career.

Check out Rosenberg’s original comments below.