Over the past year or so Jay-Z has let alot of shit slide, most notably ignoring Cam’ron for his multiple disses. Recently Cam‘s fellow Diplomat Jim Jones has lashed out at Jay in a series of songs, while Hova has no plans acknowledging him on wax, the Def Jam president did speak on it.

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You don’t get to where I got without developing thick skin.
You have to because you look at the people that are saying things about you and
you need to evaluate. We need like a hip-hop board, like to approve certain
things. Who is Jim Jones? You know, to be saying something about me? He doesn’t
have a…if we’re looking at it as far as career accomplishments or we looking at
it as far as lyrical skill…like who is, I mean that’s like the 9th
man off the bench sitting there shoutin’ ‘you a bum’ to the superstar on court
puttin’ up 50 every night…This is just crazy, like, you? What? Him? That’s how
I feel about it, I’m like, what has he done? What has he done to warrant that?
Does he have a classic album? No. Is he on anybody’s top 10 list? No. Does he
have any hardware on his wall? No. So who is that guy to say anything about me?