Florida rapper XXXTENTACION was set to host a sexual assault awareness event in Miami this week, but all that changed after he gave out the address to the venue prematurely.

The 19-year-old controversy-magnet has announced that the event he planned has been canceled due to vandalism.

According to X, after he shared the venue name on Instagram, it was spray-painted by vandals. In a series of videos uploaded to Instagram, he apologized for the event being axed.

“It was my fault completely that the event was canceled, so I take full responsibility for it,” he said. “I put the venue address out, which caused the venue to get spray-painted, so I fully, thoroughly apologize. And I’m gonna make sure this happens. Please forgive me.”

#xxxtentacion reacts to his anti-rape event being cancelled.

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XXXTENTACION says a free performance will still happen this week, but he’s currently ironing out the details.

“The performance is free,” he said. “It’s gonna happen, this week. And I’m gonna do everything in my power to make sure this goes through properly, so I’m gonna do this free event to make up for this because I’m always going to try and be a man of my word. And there was nothing I could do in this situation. So, I’m gonna do a free performance.”

Although X was to host the anti-rape event, he has faced a great deal of criticism over allegations of domestic abuse. In September, grim abuse allegations from his ex-girlfriend, which included death threats and physical assault, were made public.

His December 11 trial start date has been postponed, with his next hearing reportedly scheduled for December 15.