Hip Hop Twitter has been abuzz about Jaden Smith’s new LP SYRE (whether they love it or hate it). In particular, the song “Icon” has been generally praised — epitomizing the maturity of his new flow … but does it sound a bit familiar? According to his most vocal detractors, Smith borrowed the song’s flow directly from “Ultimate” rapper Denzel Curry.

Based on a (later-deleted) tweet from the Florida rapper after being promoted by numerous fans, it appears that he likely agrees.

Denzel Curry Jaden Smith screenshot

“It wouldn’t be the first time someone jocked my flow,” he wrote before adding, “I heard the song, it’s pretty straight for a first listen.” The response, which also noted that he’s taking it with a grain of salt shows he isn’t too worried.

Curry, who’s currently on the final leg of a European tour, later posted a tweet stating, “I got mad flows… yeah you stole some, thought you had the cookie, but you got the cookie crumbs.” The new tweet took a more direct tone than the previous one, implying that Smith stole his flow but that it didn’t really matter.

Revisit Curry’s “Ultimate” session with BADBADNOTGOOD below.