Snoop Dogg will be releasing his 8th studio album on Nov. 21. The Blue Carpet Treatment
features 19 tracks, and collaborations from Pharell, Ice Cube, Usher,
Trina, Nate Dogg, Ray-J, B-Real (Cypress Hill), Guerilla Black,
Fabolous, Too-Short
, and posthumous spots from Tupac and Notorious BIG.

      “It’s about time we start to fight for each other rather than fighting against each other,” Snoop revealed on,
explaining why he decided to include diverse collaborations on his
album. “I have homies from all cultural backgrounds and love all of my
brothers, black and brown. There is nothing that can stop us from
creating a better future for ourselves, for our families and
generations to come if we all came together.”

Snoop Dogg has been traveling the country and appearing at listening parties to support and promote his up coming release.

      “I been in the game 13 years,” Snoop told the crowd at a New
York listening session. “I feel like I’m connected with the community
and the public, which is ya’ll.”

      There is no particular tour schedule for Snoop’s listening parties but visit for more information and updates.