Los Angeles, CA – Hopsin has experienced a stop-and-stutter type of 2017 since going full speed ahead with his Undercover Prodigy label, his official post-Funk Volume endeavor. But if the lyrics (and highly entertaining accompanying visual) for his new single “The Purge” is indicative of the artistic mindset he’s currently operating with, then the rap world best be on the look out.

It’s on and popping in Hopsin’s mind.

Obviously borrowing its ethos from the dystopian horror film series of the same name, Hopsin’s “The Purge” video also splices together imagery of a corpse-carrying Lamborghini, a school bus full of animated Beckys and the KKK binging on hot dogs.

The most eyebrow-raising aspect of the clip comes courtesy of a Ghadi-channeling Hopsin overseeing a b-boy battle featuring Donald Trump and Kim Jung Un, which — aside from the relevant political implications — is right on the money thanks to the recent surge of Google searches for the word “dotard.”

During his #DXLive segment earlier this year, Hopsin scoffed at the notion he should have stuck it out with his former independent situation, but revealed his intent for his new label.

“I definitely [know how] to build the buzz up for an artist that’s for sure. I think my opinions for what a good artist is, I think, is valuable,” he explained, detailing the rollout for Undercover Prodigy’s roster. “A good artist, in my opinion, they have to be talented lyrically. There are so many lanes of what good is and what good is now [so] it just depends on what I’m seeking or what any label owner is seeking.

“I think [social media] also matters,” he added. “They have to be willing to promote themselves and feed their fans with things they may think are unnecessary.”

Check out “The Purge” video above and let us know how ill it is in the comments.