SPONSORED – Two of the most prominent women in Hip Hop journalism, Angie Martinez and Minya “Miss Info” Oh, just so happen to be great friends. Their close relationship and years of covering the rap game make them a natural fit for the podcasting realm. The duo’s In Real Life podcast debuted on TIDAL On Air in June, giving them a new platform to express themselves and share insight on the latest happenings in Hip Hop.

“It’s pretty great to sit across my girlfriend and catch up every week,” Martinez says. “Especially when your friend is smart and funny but also has so much experience in the game. It’s exciting to get feedback on the recommendations we give our listeners. Info and I are still growing so there is so much more to talk about. Every week is a great time!”

Their experience also means the podcast hosts aren’t going to be caught off guard by much in the music industry. Following the ebbs and flows of Hip Hop for so long through their work in radio and print has given them a perspective that few others possess. “There isn’t much we haven’t seen,” Martinez explains. “Our conversations are through a different lens. A lot of people talk about what happened, we like to talk about why it happened. We have the experience to do that. It’s about the ‘why’ and not the ‘what’ for us.”

Listen to In Real Life on TIDAL On Air.