Action Bronson believes that taking matters into his own hands on Twitter helped end the delays of his impending album.

In a recent interview with Complex, Bronson referenced a Twitter rant about the delays in releasing Blue Chips 7000 and threatening to leak it himself during his set at the Rolling Loud Music Festival.

In May, Bronson tweeted “PUT MY MOTHERFUCKING ALBUM OUT” and warned other artists to stay independent.

Explaining how effective this strategy was, AB said, “Everyone called me right away and everything started moving. Motherfuckers started moving their ass. It’s really crazy. Sometimes you gotta do things like that. That wasn’t the reaction I was looking for. I want people just to do things to do them.

“I have to say something stupid on Twitter, and then I get phone calls like, ‘That really hurt me.’ Yeah, go fuck yourself, it hurt you. Go make something happen. Why would that hurt you? Come on, dog. Get it together. What are you signing me up for? Let me go if you’re not going to fucking do the right thing by me. What’s the point?”

Action Bronson had even more harsh words for record labels throughout the interview, saying, “Unless they can help you, they suck. Unless you’re a humongous artist and you’re doing pop songs and hit songs, it really sucks. But for me, all I care about is putting out the project the way I made it.”

Despite his complaints about labels, he did say that Blue Chips 7000‘s delay was more about waiting to get the album’s samples cleared. Of the 14 tracks he wanted on the final version, 13 made it past the lawyers.

“Out of 100 percent, 93 percent [of the samples on the album] got cleared, so I can’t really be too upset. But the one I that I did lose was heartbreaking,” the rapper said.

Blue Chips 7000 comes out via Atlantic Records on Friday (August 25). Check out the video for “The Chairman’s Intent” below.