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Despite being over a decade since Dave Chappelle parodied MTV’s Making The Band on Chappelle’s Show, Da Band member Dylan Dilinjah finally got to meet the comedic legend at a recent House of Vans event in New York.

The parody is easily one of Chappelle’s most celebrated skits. After all, who could forget the hot fire-spitting Dylan … Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, Dylan?

While speaking to Dilinjah at the House of Vans, Chappelle said, “Dylan, Dylan, Dylan … yo, I fuck with you bro. Yo, thank you man … you made me famous [laughs].”

…..more to come.

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In 2014, Dilinjah spoke to Uproxx about Chappelle’s impression and what happened after it aired.

“You take a joke and everyone’s cracking on you,” he said. “But the next question is, ‘What is he up to? What kind of music does he have? Can we book him?’”

Though Dilinjah and many of Da Band members have faded into relative obscurity, the Grenadian rapper continues to release music and reportedly landed a deal with Akon’s Kon Live label. In the meantime, he’s set to release his album Pain 2 Power on September 15.