Chicago, IL – After Katie Got Bandz was arrested earlier this week for alleged identity theft, the 24-year-old “Pop Out” rapper was evidently released from jail on Wednesday night (August 9).

Needless to say, she wasn’t too happy with the situation and took to Twitter to clear up the accusations. In a series of tweets, she adamantly proclaimed her innocence, writing, “BITCH I’M INNOCENT FUCK THE STATE.”

In a subsequent video, the Chi-Town native said, “Muthafuckas think that somehow I went to jail for stealing somebody’s identity. Y’all got me fucked up. I went to jail for not running my muthafuckin’ mouth. I ain’t snitch on a nigga, even though a muthafucka thought they left me hanging.”

“New music coming soon,” she added. “Free Katie The Mixtape dropping too though. Keep it real though. Bitch.”

As she continued promoting her upcoming Free Katie The Mixtape, she offered several other tweets reiterating she’s not a snitch. “I LITERALLY WENT TO JAIL TWICE FOR NOT SNITCHING ON A MF WHO SUPPOSE TO BEEN MY FAMILY IF I WAS A RAT I WOULD HAVE BEEN FREE MFS NOT LOYAL,” she wrote.