For better or worse, Khalil is probably best known as Justin Bieber’s friend. That proximity to fame certainly helps with recognition, but the Cali-based singer is determined to make sure his music is just as noteworthy.

The “Havin’ It” artist has released a new project titled Prove It All, which puts his singing prowess on full display. Khalil’s latest work features 13 tracks with no guest appearances, making this true solo effort.

View the stream, cover art and tracklist for Khalil’s Prove It All below.

Khalil Drops Prove It All

1. Pressure
2. Quality
3. Simple
4. No Coincidences
5. Too Far
6. Prove It All
7. Distance
8. Deserves It
9. The Obvious
10. Know Enough
11. Hear Me Now?
12. More
13. Realized