Los Angeles, CA – Throughout the years, Lady Luck has had her fair share of ups, downs, and industry beefs. As a straight shooter, Luck has never been one to bite her tongue or mince her words. The New Jersey-born wordsmith recently stopped by the DXHQ with her fiancé and business partner Somaya Reece to chop it up with the #DXLive team about new ventures, music, and rap feuds — both old and new.

As anyone with two ears very well knows, the topic of rap beef always looms with Hip Hop. Luck explains how her beef with Remy Ma has evolved and where it is today.

“I did end it. I did; in my head,” Luck playfully recalls. “My girl was like, ‘We not talking about this shit no more, I’m tired of this shit.’ So it’s done now. It’s over. Nobody’s going to say anything to me even though the whole verse was towards me on the A$AP Ferg song [“East Coast”] but we’re going to ignore that because no one said anything about it. We’re gonna ignore that. We’re gonna behave [and] we’re gonna Jesus and we’re just not gonna talk about it.” Somaya quips, “Unless somebody mentions your name; then it’s an all out Hip Hop war.”

Luck responded, “Right. ‘They can say everything [about me] but until they say Lady Luck I’m not responding. They can ignore me. They can do whatever they want [but] no one will say my name. That’s it.”

The topic quickly turned to Luck’s recent beef with DJ Kay Slay and Ms. Hustle. “Y’all wanna talk about me and Kay Slay,” Luck emphatically says. “So Ms. Hustle has been on my dick for a long time. I got 6-inch, 8-inch, 12-inch who you wanna fuck today bitch? None of ‘em go soft. Dick don’t go down,” Luck gleefully says. “Now because it’s battle rap a lot of female rappers on the battle scene have always said my name. A lot of female rappers, battle rappers, they’ve brought my name up for recognition. I’ma be honest with you; when I was ice cold in these streets I would send out tweets to them because I knew they would respond and get everybody crazy. They do interviews and they helped me stay alive because there was a point where I was ice motherfucking cold. So Hustle, she was doing videos about me forever – before I even knew who the fuck she was. She would have videos [saying my name]. You can do the history on it. So now that she getting a little recognition, of course, I’ma throw a shot or two. There were two female rappers up at Flex that used their phone. Now the only reason I used my phone is because I wrote a verse for Flex that day. When I found out I was going on Flex I wrote it in my phone. It’s still in that motherfucker. [Ms. Hustle] was like ‘Luck reading from her phone.’ Fuck you, bitch. You know how many songs I fucking write? I got Aaliyah singing on every goddamn episode of my show. I gotta remember R&B, I gotta remember raps [and] remember freestyles. Fuck you. I wrote it [and] at least I delivered it correct. A lot of people were coming for my neck. I delivered it right; [who gives a] fuck if I was reading it out of a phone? I wrote it in my phone and you can tell it doesn’t reflect anybody else’s flow but that’s another story.”

Somaya quickly chimed in, noting the flow was congruent, with in regards to Remy’s appearance on Funkmaster Flex’s show after being released from prison. “And it was on beat and I didn’t have a husband to write it for me,” Luck snapped back, an obvious reference to rumors that Papoose penned the Nicki Minaj-smattering, “ShEther” record from earlier this year.

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“You know the similarities between the flow. So Ms. Hustle goes up to Hot 97 [and] Flex let her rap. It’s not a lot of females that’s been up there. It’s me, that bitch [Remy Ma], and Hustle. And Ms. Hustle is like, ‘bitches reading off they phone.’ Come on you run with the other bitch that read off her phone. Sidebar, ladies and gentleman. You look at Lady Luck and you can say whatever the fuck you wanna say about Lady Luck but tell me who the fuck is your favorite female rapper? Then tell me about the man behind them. So you can tell me about how dope every female rapper is but they’ve gotten a co-signer. They got good credit. They got a co-signer with them. I have never ever had a co-signer. 100 years later, I am still partially relevant. But all I did was leave one comment. I left a comment like, ‘Who you talking about?’ And I did emojis. Kay Slay came for my motherfucking neck in Flex’s comments. It’s still there.”

Lady Luck continued, “So me and him is going back and forth and I’m like, ‘Yo Slay this is female beef.’ If there’s one thing I can’t respect is if I got beef with The Alcohol Lady or if I got beef with a fake hustler [then] why won’t y’all let these females handle it? We don’t need somebody that sound like Raccoon or a similar name come and approach me. Let the females beef. That’s so corny if two females is going through something and y’all come jump in my shit. I’m talking to Slay like, ‘First of all this is Hip Hop shit. Second of all every Thursday night we hear you dropping shots like ‘Tell me the best battle rap record ever!’ This how you get paid. So you coming for me Slay and you know my fucking story. You know I been by my motherfucking self all this goddamn time. You know I been out in these streets. You know I’m the first person to put you in The Source magazine. Hello! You know everything that happened. So now he gon’ say to me, ‘You had your shot. You had your chance. Everybody supported you.’ No y’all supported Def Jam and we all know about that. If y’all supported me like Slay said [then] there was none of that after Def Jam. There was none of that love after Def Jam so technically y’all was showing love to Def Jam. I’m going back and forth with him and he like, ‘Aw Luck you gon’ come for the females?’ So why is it that your bitch can throw a direct shot at me? When did Hip Hop get so soft? When did y’all turn into bitches?”

“I’m a two-time felon,” says Luck. “I gotta make rap happen. Why would I talk like, ‘I’ma run up and go see Hustle in the street.’ I’m not doing that. I’m talking about as a rapper, as a person who constructs these bars, as a person who loves Hip Hop – you are trash. I don’t understand why there’s so many emotions and men have to get involved. He’s not the Drama King anymore according to what he was responding to in Flex’s comments. That bitch is talking about me. I’m going to respond. All I did was leave an emoji laughing. When did y’all get so soft? Y’all niggas be claiming y’all gangstas [and] y’all real niggas [when] y’all niggas is soft. I’m ready. I’m always ready. Please say my name. [They don’t say my name] because they would die. Game released 1,000 bars; nigga I’ll release a whole album to one beat. I’m super duper frustrated because I’ve loved Hip Hop my whole life. I have based my rhyme structure, my rhyme pattern off adoring this culture. I don’t give a fuck if Sylvia Robinson is my aunt. Fuck Sugar Hill! Them niggas never signed me. They let Russell [Simmons] come in and sign me. We’ll get into that story another time. That’s another interview. I have built my life off this Hip Hop shit and to be in this era I’m so lost. Mentally, I’m looking around like I don’t understand how the gatekeepers, the people who fucking gave me a hard time with my songs are co-signing [emulates a trap flow]. Mumble rap.”

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It isn’t all beef in Lady Luck’s world. In addition to having a loving fiancé in Somaya Reece, they’ve recently launched a brand new business venture and Luck has a new single. “We have ILYcrowns.com and that stands for…,” Luck leads Somaya into replying. “It’s ‘I Love You’ or ‘I Love Your’ Crown because they’re made with love.” Somaya continues, “Now in Hip Hop terms when you read it it’s Illy Crowns. They’re handcrafted so each set and stone is [placed] individually with Swavorsky crystals and other great materials. We have a variety of crowns and they’re made for anyone. We did not have plans to do any interviews but HipHopDX is our home and that’s why we’re here with y’all. I do feel that all of us are, many of us do have a King or Queen that’s in us. So you can put that [ILY Crown] on and you can wear it as a hat if you want if you feel like making a fashionable statement. If you feel like making a statement period [and] you walk in a room with a crown, people will be like, ‘What do they do? Who are you?’ That’s why we have a variety of crowns and the prices vary but it doesn’t matter because they’re [all] quality, fashionable, they’re elegant, and they’re timeless.”

“We have colors that represent [various places people are from],” Lady Luck adds on. “We definitely have [different] colors on the website. We have one [with] the Golden State Warriors colors? Oh my God! [If I could only send one to one rapper ] I would send one to [Nicki Minaj] or [Queen] Latifah because Latifah is so iconic in the music industry and I look to her as goals. Latifah is goals. She’s won everything from Tony’s to Oscars to Grammy’s. It’s her or Nicki, the highest-selling female rapper of all time. So I’d have to send a crown to them.”

In addition to their crown business, they also have created a record label together that houses all musical ambitions including “Stroke,” Luck’s new single.

“Our record label, La Rosa Entertainment, is giving $1,000 to the best dancer, “Somaya says. “You don’t have to be professional. I don’t care if it’s your grandmamma dancing but if you’re dope and you’re fun dancing to ‘Stroke’ we will give you $1,000. The IG is @iamladyluck and the hashtag is #StrokeChallenge.”

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