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At just 9-years old, R&B songstress Sevyn Streeter knew she wanted to sing. At age 31, she finally released her debut studio album Girl Disrupted. Coincidentally, fans were given a side of the Florida native they’ve never seen before.

Every artist has a story, and last month, Sevyn (born Amber Denise Streeter) told hers. Taking to her Instagram page, Sevyn revealed to her 1.2 million followers her years-long battle with depression, which she kept hidden from the world.

Yesterday was a hard day for me but thank God 4 new days. Over the last year and a half I've quietly suffered from depression. Only a few of my closest friends & family knew. Why am I sharing this with all of u? Well, b/c everything on ig ain't always pretty & we can't add a filter to life! I've had moments where all I saw was darkness & all I felt was sadness. You'd be surprised at how many people u know have gone through or still battle depression. The ONLY thing that helps me get through is MY LORD & SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST! He knows exactly who to send & when to send them. My parents, brother, some family & friends. It's nothing to be embarrassed about! This life can take a toll on you, & sometimes it feels unbearable. You walk around with a smile on your face but deep down inside you are drowning. Trust me I know the feeling. But I'm hear to tell u, God is in the water, he won't let u drown. I love each & every one of you! We're all connected in 1 way or another. We're human & we go thru shii but we don't have to do it alone. Be the spark that lights the world✨ Sincerely, Girl Disrupted Ps. Thx 2 my friend 4 the quote??

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Last week, HipHopDX had the pleasure of catching up with Sevyn backstage at The NOVO in Los Angeles, where she was opening for her good friend Jeremih.

DX:: Do you think there is a cure for depression?

Sevyn: “I think it’s something that we just always have to work on. I always say all the time that depression is something that is triggered. You may have the greatest day ever and something small or big may happen and it may trigger something. So I think that it’s just super important. I think the cure is to just be vocal and to talk about it. And to realize what your triggers are and try to steer clear of your triggers or get rid of them all together in your life, like I had to do.”

DX:: What’s a hit that you wrote that you wish you kept to yourself?

Sevyn: “I would probably say ‘The Way’ by Ariana Grande. It was a good one. I actually wrote it for a different artist and then got the word that Ariana actually cut the record. I didn’t even know who Ariana was at the time. Like, ‘Oh this girl has this show on Nickelodeon.’ And I looked her up and I was like “Oh, bomb. She can sing? And she’s on Nickelodeon? Win win. Let’s rock.’ And she killed it. So if there were any record, it would be that one.”

DX:: Who was the original artist?

Sevyn: “The original artist was Jordin Sparks. Shout out to Jordin, though. ‘Cause she killed it too.”

DX:: If you create your own super group, who would be in it?

Sevyn: “I’m always so bad at this question because literally, my super group turns into like 50 million girls in one group. Beyonce, Rihanna, Nicki. See then I wanna throw in the girl groups. Then I wanna throw in TLC, then I wanna throw in Aaliyah, then I wanna throw in Brandy, then I wanna throw in Jazmine Sullivan, I just want every — Lauryn Hill, you can’t ask me about a super group.

Today? Beyonce, Rih, Nicki, Lauryn Hill, Jazmine Sullivan, Kehlani, Dreezy. I just throw everybody whose music I love. SZA, Solange, listen you want me to keep going cause I can’t keep going. I can keep talking. Myself. I know it sounds crazy but we gotta make sure all the bases are covered.”

Indulge: Stream Sevyn’s debut album right here.

DX:: What’s Sevyn’s dating life?

Sevyn: “Listen, my music is sexier than my dating life. I am sooooo freaking single, it’s not even funny. I’m just open, I’m really open to whoever God sends my way. But I’m very single. And I’m trying to date a little bit, but you know. This is my life.

DX:: You have a record with Dave East where you say, “I got no panties on.”

Sevyn: “Yeah, ‘Peace Sign’ was like, I got the freak records ready for when it’s time to turn into a freak for my man. I just ain’t got no man yet. But when he comes this way, boo I’m gonna throw up the peace sign for you. No just kidding, but I’m not kidding.”

DX:: Who slid in your DMs recently?

Sevyn: “Some random guy slid in my DM’s recently and hit up all of my best friends and was like, ‘Yeah Sevyn said to get creative so I’m getting creative.'”

DX:: Any rappers?

Sevyn: “No. No rappers. My DMs are kinda dry and I encourage people to DM me. I used to not really open them or respond, but sometimes when you’re on different ends of the country, or the world, I’m only a DM away.