Maliah Michel was not happy with Drake “retiring her jersey” during his Houston Appreciation Weekend. Michel was one of three strippers whose “jersey was retired” by Drake, suggesting they had all stopped dancing.

In a message posted on Instagram, Michel shared a flyer for a performance she gave this past weekend and emphatically refuted any talk of Drizzy ending her career.

“Contrary to ‘social media news’ no man can retire me,” she wrote. “I’m shaking this azz into a wheel chair. Maliah will retire Maliah #MaliahMondays.”

Contrary to "social media news" no man can retire me. I'm shaking this azz into a wheel chair. Maliah will retire Maliah #MaliahMondays

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That wasn’t all she had to say on the issue, writing on her Twitter: “I have to say something and it’s from the bottom of my heart. I will be 34 in December. Do you know how good it feels to be able to walk in The club with girls 10 years plus younger than me and still be that bitch? Y’all and say what you want or think what you want. But I call that blessed. And I was overweight. So this can be a career if you take care of yourself. Pay taxes and save your money.”

After standing up for herself, she launched into a scathing attack of Drizzy, accusing him of making her feel bad for her career choice.

“Y’all don’t know that nigga been trying to make me stop dancing. Always putting me down about it,” she wrote.. “Always telling me I’m not better than anyone else in the club selling ass instead of dancing. But nigga can’t stay out the club. Y’all just don’t know. My only regret is ever trying to explain how much I love dancing. And thinking so highly of him. That I let his opinion of me mold my opinion of myself. Fuck that and fuck you if you got a problem.”

Drake and Michel have a history together dating back to his Thank Me Later album in which he name-dropped her on the song “Miss Me.” The two were once rumored to be dating, which Michel’s tweets seem to suggest was true.

“I remember pleading with him to understand,” she continued on Twitter. “I said Beyoncé wears the same kind of stuff I wear. This nigga got mad and told me not to compare myself to Beyoncé. Bitch wha?! Don’t you ever tell me not to compare myself to Beyoncé! I’m a woman that’s what we do!! No matter how light I tried to make things. Just always mean and hurtful. But whatever I’m done.”

Drake has not commented on Michel’s statements.