Well it’s official; Papoose,
has signed a $1.5 million record deal with Jive Records. Over a
month ago Pap said we would know in two weeks who he was getting the 1.5
mill from. Apparently Jive is the
one. Only time will tell if the deal will help him move units. 

Papoose has been on a tear since DJ Kay Slay
and Busta Rhymes personally pushed this kid into the limelight after a
relatively healthy mixtape life so far.

Papoose, real name Shamele Mackie was born in Africa and raised
in the Bed-Stuy section of Brooklyn.  He
started building his street credibility due to the large number of mix tapes he
was releasing.  



In 2005 he won the Justo Award, saluting him as the best
underground rapper of the year. He’s been compared to Big L and
he’s rumored to be dating Remy Ma, but regardless it looks like he’s got
some huge shoes to fill being compared to one of the greats.

Violater Management has represented Pap since day one and now
he’s finally got a sure fire label deal with Jive and their website has
reported the same. 

We’ll see about a quality full album, but there will be
plenty of guests on it, that we already know.