Yeezy Season 5 has arrived — or at least the full lineup of photos of it has — and with it eager fans have been met with a flurry of understated tees, military-inspired outerwear, and joggers.

The collection from Kanye West, which debuted at New York Fashion Week in February, unveiled its official product shots this week, boasting 150 individual pieces. As of publishing, the line isn’t yet available to buy.

While the Yeezy Season 5 assortment of clothing, outerwear, and footwear primarily borders on subtle, there are a few standout pieces.

A number of standouts from the collection come courtesy of its outerwear line, which features an aqua-hued letterman jacket and a parka that appears to be perfectly capable of taking on below-zero temperatures.

Yeezy Season 5 2
Yeezy Season 5 1
Yeezy Season 5 4
Yeezy Season 5 5
Yeezy Season 5 6

Other highlights from Yeezy Season 5 include a pair of joggers that lace up at the waist and an adidas sweatshirt featuring a scribble print.

Yeezy Season 5 3
Yeezy Season 5 7
Yeezy Season 5 8


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