Evidently inspired by JAY-Z’s new album, 4:44, and the opening track, “Kill Jay Z,” Nicki Minaj got a little sassy in a recent Instagram photo she shared on Friday (June 30). Judging by what people know about her rocky relationship with ex-boyfriend Meek Mill, Minaj’s mention of Eric Benet, who is referenced on JAY’s song and also the cheating ex-husband of Halle Berry, could be aimed at Meek.

“Oh so u niggaz gon sit up here & act like #Wifey aint BEEN tell y’all 1. Don’t lose the baddest girl in the world. #EricBenet,” she captioned the photo. “2. Stop throwing money ya ass ain’t rlly got. 3. Stop posting them tired stacks on the gram. oh but when Jay say it it’s #bible tho. Bad btchs unite!!!! We ain’t BEEN droppin jewels on these niggaz behind closed doors? tuh! every girl is making one of these 3 faces at a nigga right now. womp womp #PrettyGang #FAX.”

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Black Barbie’s post possibly attracted the attention of Meek, who fired off a now-deleted post of his own shortly after Minaj’s hit the web.

“When they gone come out wit a cd about all these fake b#%ches be doing????, he wrote. “fake skin color … fake weaves…. fake ass … fake mileage … fake nails…. fake friends etc … can somebody speak up. when you finally see them without everything on niggas be sick forreal #dontmakeme #youknowimsavage #howdareyou.”

Since then, it’s been all quiet on the Instagram front, but it’s seems pretty clear Meek and the “No Frauds” rapper are on shaky ground since their breakup in January 2017. Meek appeared to take shots at his ex on his Meekend Music EP and have gotten into it on Instagram before, with Meek even taking aim at her shoes, calling them “wack.”

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