Memphis, TN

XXXTENTACION’s tour isn’t the only one with violent incidents. During Russ’ Tuesday night (June 2) show in Memphis, a fan got punched in the face for allegedly throwing ice at the There’s Really A Wolf rapper.

Russ retweeted a video of his crew member hitting the fan before getting into a lengthy discussion about the altercation on social media. The Atlanta MC made it clear that instigators attending his show should be prepared for consequences.

“If you throw ice and shit at me you’re gonna get confronted,” he tweeted. “Shit is not as sweet as you think. Don’t throw a stone and hide your hand.”

Some Twitter users felt like the course of action was an overreaction. Russ told one fan “it’s principle” then explained to another that his team tried to handle the situation peacefully.

“We gave him chance to apologize,” Russ said. “He proceeded to press my security aggressively regardless so shit got handled and removed. Period.”

Russ also noted that he didn’t tell his crew to attack the fan. The video corroborates his story as the artist is clearly heard saying “whatever you feel is right” to his friend.

“And I didn’t tell my homie to even go in the crowd,” he wrote. “He went there cuz that’s my bro. He turned around and asked ‘what you want me to do?’ I said ‘whatever you feel is right’. Any fan at the show can attest to it. He only punched him cuz the kid was still talking crazy.”