Atlanta, GA – The feud between Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma may have quieted down a bit, but it’s far from over. After Remy Ma performed her scathing diss “ShEther” at Hot 97’s Summer Jam on June 11, Nicki responded by calling out her rival and performing the Remy diss “No Frauds” record at the Hot 107.9 Birthday Bash in Atlanta on Saturday (June 17).

According to fans in attendance, Nicki asked the crowd to “make some noise if you have a hating-ass, fraud-ass bitch in yo life.” The Harajuku Barbie’s shots were all the more insulting because Remy Ma performed earlier that night with Fat Joe.

Performed #NoFrauds w/@liltunechi #BirthdayBash #AtlWutsGood ?

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Remy hit Instagram in a now-deleted post with proof that she wasn’t in the building during Nicki’s set.

The caption of the original post read, “Everybody knows I’m still on papers & I really be on some chill sh*t; perhaps that’s why b*tches out here ‘FRAUDing.'”

It also included a long list of hashtags:


The barbs traded at such high-profile shows could add fuel to the fire in their beef, which was arguably the most talked about topic in Hip Hop earlier this year. The situation seemed to cool down after Nicki dropped a video for “No Frauds,” which featured Remy’s Love & Hip Hop co-star and former best friend Rah Ali. Remy wasn’t bothered by the move — or at least claimed she wasn’t — during an interview on Power 106’s The Cruz Show.

“I wasn’t particularly shocked,” she said. “You know what? Nothing shocks me anymore … I’m never like, ‘Oh my god I can’t believe it.’ Nothing really shocks me and nothing really moves me neither. I have to care to be like, ‘Oh my god.’ But if you don’t care, it really doesn’t matter at all. I would guess the only question that probably piqued my mind was like, ‘Why you lying though? Hmm, strange. Alright, moving on.'”

The last chapter on Nicki vs. Remy clearly has not been written yet, but only those two know how it will end.