San Bernardino, CA – 40 Glocc (real name Lawrence White) is in the hospital after being shot on Thursday (June 15) while attending a funeral service in San Bernardino, California. The former G-Unit West artist is expected to survive, according to the San Bernardino Sun.

40 Glocc was attending a homicide victim’s funeral at Mt. View Mortuary & Cemetery when the shooter made contact with 40 Glocc and an unidentified woman. “A vehicle pulled up near them and fired shots, striking him,” San Bernardino police Lt. Mike Madden explained to the San Bernardino Sun.

The bullet initially struck 40 Glocc in his arm and went into his chest. The woman was grazed by a shot before being hit and dragged by a car. Madden didn’t know if this was the same vehicle as the shooter or another person fleeing the scene.

Cops are trying to determine if the shooting was gang-related due to 40 Glocc’s alleged ties to the Colton City Crips and so far haven’t made any arrests.

In 2010, the rapper was placed under a gang injunction, but a San Bernardino County Superior Court ruled he was able to freely promote Colton City Crips in songs and videos if he stayed away from the apartment complex that birthed the particular gang.

San Bernardino officers are having difficulty getting substantive details about the current situation for their investigation.

“It’s very sketchy,” Madden said. “The information that we’re getting at this time is very limited.”