Fat Joe has decided to follow in Lil Jon’s
footsteps as he bites Denzel Washington’s movie
roles. You may recall Jon in Scrappy’s No
clip, acting as Denzel in Training Day.
Now, in No Drama, Fat Joe will remake Washington’s
Man On Fire.

According to MTV reports, Joe wanted to remake
the film due to its grimy vibe. This was done to match the gritty style of the

“This is a street joint,” he said of the
track.  “I usually drop street joints, but sometimes I don’t
shoot videos. I wanted to shoot a video for this one.”

Remy Ma, Ron Artest, The LOX, Paul Wall and other Terror
members are expected to make cameos in the vid.

Currently, Joe is a free agent. His future
is unkown and the BX emcee would like to keep people guessing.

“I’m enjoying my free agency,” he said.
“A lot of labels is biting. In any case, I’m doing the independent thing
with my own video team, my own publicity, I own my own masters. I’m paying for
everything out of my pocket. I’m leaning towards [signing a deal with] … eh,
we’re just leaning, leaning with it. Rocking with it, moving our bodies from
side to side,”
he added. 

There is no finalized release date on the album, due to
these circumstances. DX will keep you updated.