Post Malone found himself in the Twitter crosshairs of Tennessee duo Starlito and Don Trip this weekend, this after a tweet taking a shot at the “White Iverson” rapper went public. Malone and Starlito got into a heated exchange with Don Trip batting a little cleanup for his partner later down the line.

The tension between the two acts took hold initially after a HHDX interview from earlier this month with Starlito and Don Trip revealed that Starlito took some issue with Malone’s “White Iverson” smash and likened it to cultural appropriation and even suggested elements of blackface. Further, Don Trip released a song, “Allen Iverson” and mentioned in the interview that he’s never heard Malone’s track while Starlito went on his aforementioned diatribe.

The swipe Starlito took on Saturday appeared after Malone posted a photo alongside the actual Allen Iverson with a gleeful expression and caption, which Starlito retweeted and adding a caption reading, “Plot Twist: Bubba Chuck snuffed him & will be wired $3M Tuesday a.m. when banks re-open #extortion #reappropriation,” which got a fair share of retweets.



Malone fired back with, “[L]ol wish i had 3 million to wire” and that prompted Starlito to turn up the heat writing, “Bric can’t save you.. Iverson would never self-deprecate in the face of a difference of opinion or slight. You owe Twin nem outta H-Town too.”

The entire exchange can be read below, including Don Trip defending his Stepbrothers partner after Malone tried to dig at Starlito’s record sales in comparison to his.