Miami, FL – Uncle Luke is catching some heat on social media for lashing out at DJ Khaled in a recent rant shared to his Instagram account. The main point of contention in Luke’s tirade is that Khaled is not originally from Miami — the city he reps — but moved there from New Orleans.

“My brother, this guy don’t run shit down here,” the 2 Live Crew rapper said. “He just scream ‘Miami’ out. He should be screaming ‘New Orleans.’ He just a settler.

My last part of my 3 part series of giving mr. Peter Thomas reality show guy the history of Miami.

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“You need to be screaming out ‘Uncle Al,’ you need to be screaming out ‘Soul Survivor DJs,’ but that’s something you don’t know nothing about bruh because you a settler and you settled on Miami Beach,” he added.

Of course, Khaled has been active in Miami since at least 1998, around the time he started working at WEDR radio station where he co-hosted The Luke Show with Uncle Luke. It seems that bad blood has emerged between the two men since then.

Unfortunately for Luke, social media wasn’t really there for his Khaled-bashing. Check out the tweets below and Luke’s rant above.

Luke’s comments were sparked by remarks from Real Housewives of Atlanta star Peter Thomas who said the “All I Do Is Win” producer “runs Miami.”