Los Angeles, CA

With their brand new EP Tattoos & Blues fresh out of the oven, L.A.’s most underrated R&B duo Jake&Papa stopped by the HipHopDX offices for #DXLive to talk about the new album, what R&B means to them and argue with Trent, Jake and Marcel over who was the best 90s R&B group was.

On their lead single from the new EP “Hotel Lobby” the young crooners speak on a story of long distance infatuation that comes to fruition despite geographic barriers and leads to a night that plays out like an NSFW ad for an energy drink.

“The story that I’m painting here is about a situation that I had back in the Myspace days. I was building with a nice young lady across the country and it was everything through the DMs” Papa remembered. He continued, “Sex talk, likes, favorite colors, what we’re gonna do when I see you. Finally, I get there — boom. I hit Georgia. She lives in Atlanta and we were in Augusta. She drove five hours up there to come see a nigga and we locked ourselves in that hotel and it was just fucking amazing. It was one of those energy draining situations where you just step out the hotel the next morning like ‘fuck.’”



In addition to stories from the road the duo also offered some advice for our faithful #LitnessTest candidates from their own experiences drawing from their own arduous experiences from the early days.

“We may have had certain situations that didn’t work out but we’ve always stayed true, never gave up on each other and here we are now,” said Jake. Papa added, “We were in a group before this with our brothers. We had some minimal success, things seemed to be going pretty well and everything just came crashing down, it was over in the blink of an eye, the group was over and put it this way, group broke up in October we put out our first mixtape as Jake&Papa in May. We never ever stopped.”

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