Twitter – It’s not news to anyone with data on their mobile device that Talib Kweli goes hard on Twitter. No matter who you are or how many followers you have, if you come at him sideways, he’ll check you.

His latest feud is a drawn-out saga that has him going back and forth with Brooklyn’s Bekay, a seemingly well-connected MC with a verified account. He’s worked with some bonafide legends, won competitions, appeared on 106th & Park‘s Freestyle Friday, and rocked plenty of stages.

Bekay’s issues with Kweli are an apparent byproduct of Kweli’s long-lasting Twitter conflict with New York rapper Diabolical (one side of which is documented in an essay on Cue Point and the other in a diss track on SoundCloud). After daily back and forths about Kweli being hypocritical, and accusing him of lying to his followers, Bekay attempted to broadly discredit him, claiming that they were acquaintances, having toured together and been in the same studio. Kweli — and his fans — called shenanigans.

To Bekay’s credit, the two were billed as part of the line-up for the 2011 Hip Hop Kemp festival in Czech Republic. However, the degree to which they associated is unclear, and it can hardly be considered full on touring There was significant back and forth following this wave, with Bekay holding his ground with a cobra clutch. Late Sunday (April 23), though, he took it a step further, claiming he was hanging out with D-Block associates who were clowning Kweli’s recent online activity, which is somewhat controversial considering Kweli’s latest collaboration, The Seven, is with Styles P. When pressed for names, one affiliate was brought into the mix, yet he clearly wasn’t having it, and debunked the fact that these affiliates were in fact connected to D-Block.

Styles P eventually stepped in and set the record straight.


Bekay had a few last words, and for a short while, seemed to be going back to focusing on his upcoming LP.

As of Tuesday afternoon (April 25), they’re back to arguing online. Follow Bekay and Kweli on Twitter for the latest.