Indio,CA - 

While attending the first weekend of Coachella, DX’s Shirley Ju visited the Indio, CA’s Musicland Motel, which Mountain Dew converted into their Label Motel in promotion of their Label Series of drinks.

Getting some time with G- Eazy, who made an appearance and performed at the event, he spoke with the #FOMOBlog writer about the status of his follow-up to 2015’s platinum selling When It’s Dark Out.

“The album is almost done,” said G-Eazy. “I mean it’s never done. You never know when it’s done. You find a time to say ‘Ok I got to turn it in. That’s it.’ But, it’s incredible. I can tell you that. It’s the best work I’ve ever made. The most honest. The most pure. Everything. I just locked myself in the studio for four months. I built one in my house and that’s all I do. I became a hermit and didn’t leave the house.”

As G-Eazy puts the final touches on his new album, he’s been doing some serious collaborating, including the recently released joint project with Carnage titled Step Brothers and more recently being featured on Wale’s “Fashion Week” single.

“Wale is a good dude,” he said. “That’s one of my real friends in music. He’s been consistent for the last six or seven years now. I’m talking Back To The Future. Like, the 9th Wonder stuff. He’s a great rapper. He asked me about doing the record and I was like it’s a no brainer. He sent it over and I did it that day.”

However, the Bay Area native’s biggest guest spot this year for more traditional rap heads has to be the “Purple Brick Road” track from Raekwon’s The Wild album, which is a favorite around the DX office earning a 4.3.

During our short conversation, G-Eazy had this to say about being up to the challenge when rapping alongside The Chef himself.

“I’m motivated by myself but having the opportunity to work with somebody so iconic, legendary and that I’m a fan of, you have to rise to the occasion,” he said. “I was inspired by the challenge of it. Just getting a chance to talk to him and talk one-on-one was inspiring. I live for that challenge. That’s what I feel.”