After Kendrick Lamar dropped DAMN. on Good Friday, social media got swept up in rumors that K. Dot would be blessing us all for a second time on Easter Sunday by dropping a surprise followup album.

Folks online got carried away, but none more so than Redditor Cousin Tyrone who promised to eat an entire vinyl record if Kendrick Lamar didn’t douple-drop on the holy weekend. Sadly for us all (but mostly for Cousin Tyrone), Kendrick left it at DAMN. 

Faced with a choice to stick to his word or buckle under pressure, Cousin Tyrone stepped up to the plate and actually ate a vinyl record for the internet’s entertainment.

The YouTube channel that posted the video, Comeback Charlie, posted “Just to be clear, we got into contact with Poison Control prior to the making of this video. It was relayed to me multiple times that there is no chemical risk to consuming a vinyl record, and our only concern was the shards’ effect on Tyrone’s digestive tract.” Even so, we don’t recommend you ever replicate what happens in the video below.

Luckily, Tyrone seems to be doing okay, later writing online: “I took A LOT of laxatives to help pass the vinyl as fast as possible. It’s been around 16 hours since I did this and I’m still feeling the effects of it. Overall, I do not recommend eating vinyl. I’ll answer more questions if you have any.”