The Mash Out Posse, better know as M.O.P., have long been
your favorite rapper’s favorite rappers. Unfortunately, when they signed to
Roc-A-Fella (cause they were your favorite rapper’s favorite rappers), they got
lost in the shuffle and put on the shelves for years. All this despite a ton of
material recorded.

Because of this, its been 6 years since the Brownsville duo have released an official LP.
That looks to be over today as they will drop Ghetto Warfare, the album they
originally recorded for the Roc. So how is it that you haven’t heard about
this? Well because its coming out on a small indy label called Coppertop
. Also of note is that many of these songs have since seen the light of
day on the mixtape they dropped two years back. Check the tracklisting:

1. Intro

2. Welcome Back Featuring Teflon

3. Roc La Familia Featuring Memphis
Bleek, Beanie Sigel and Jay-Z

4. Instigator Featuring Teflon

5. Interlude

6. Fuck M.O.P

7. Stomp The Shit Out Ya Featuring Capone-N-Noreaga

8. Interlude

9. Fire

10. Got To Go

11. The Bottom

12. Put It In The Air Featuring Jay-Z

13. What The Fuck

14. Wannabe G’z

15. Live From Ground Zero

16. Take A Minute

17. Muddy Waters

18. G-Boy Stance

19. BKNY

M.O.P. is currently signed to another over crowded label in
G-Unit Records, lets hope we don’t have to wait this long for another album.