Toronto, ON – Though Drake’s not the actual owner of Toronto restaurant Fring’s, he is responsible for naming it.

Looks like the famous attachment couldn’t help the establishment from getting its liquor license suspended for about a week.

Currently reopened, the restaurant originally used an Instagram post (now deleted) to announce that it was under renovations.

According to blogTO, Fring’s promoted “immoderate consumption” and that was the reason for the Alcohol and Gaming Commission revoking the liquor license between April 6 and 13.

For those not up on Toronto’s fairly moderate liquor laws, section 20 of its Liquor License Act says: 

“The holder of a license to sell liquor shall not engage in or permit practices that may tend to encourage patrons’ immoderate consumption of liquor.”

The CBC says the restaurant also failed to post its license and to comply with other legislation, including the Fire Protection and Prevention Act, the commission added.

Fring’s website features a small pink and green icon telling visitors that it’s “currently closed, reopening thursday april 13th.”



Chef Grant Soto, social media satirist, posted the restaurant’s claim it was closed for renovations and the notice that the liquor license was suspended on his Instagram page and asked Drake to answer what was going on.

Fring's liquor license suspension