More than 20 years later, “Hit ‘Em Up” is still regarded as one of the most effective diss tracks ever recorded. But this week one veteran of the game revealed that he never liked 2Pac’s decision to drop it.

Speaking to the Drink Champs podcast, hosted by N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN, Ice-T revealed that he rebuked 2Pac the first time he heard the infamous diss track for Biggie.

“He was at my house with The Outlawz, a couple of The Outlawz, and he played me ‘Hit ‘Em Up.’ And I didn’t like it.”

Explaining his problem with the now iconic track, T said “I was like, ‘You gon’ start some shit. I didn’t like him starting the beef. I said you going in on dude’s wife and all that. Then at that time, he thought B.I.G. had shot him. You ain’t supposed to be handling that with a record. Really, are you? So, we kinda was on bad terms with that because he wanted me to ride with him, but I was like, I couldn’t.”

T also explained the controversy around his track “Cop Killer,” claiming that “Oliver North wanted to try [me] for sedition, which was punishable by death,” T also explains, however, that the song wasn’t a reflection of his feelings but that he “becomes different people on his songs.”

Watch the full podcast above.