The ABC News Twitter account got a lot more colorful when it was reportedly hacked, along with Good Morning America’s handle, early Thursday morning (March 23). Before the outlets figured out their accounts had been compromised, someone tweeted their undying support for Donald Trump and claimed Tyler The Creator had died in a tour bus crash.

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“BREAKING: Rapper known as @tylerthecreator died in tour bus crash,” it read.

Tweets like, “trump is our lord and savior #thankgodforTHEDONALD” and “we are totally russian hackers but we love @POTUS @realDonaldTrump ;)” were quickly deleted, but not before Twitter users captured screenshots.

Another tweet from the hacked ABC News account read, “follow @CNN for real news, our news is wack.”

ABC News appeared to get control of the situation quickly, and it’s now back to business as usual.

So far, Tyler has not responded to the incident on social media.