Los Angeles, CA – There’s never a dull moment when Mod Sun is in the building as we were reminded at last week’s #DXLive. The Minnesotan MC came through and brought out weed, alcohol and burgers. And that was just in the first five minutes. Mod stopped through to talk about his new album titled Movie as well as his new movie titled…You guessed it, Album.

Before playing some new songs exclusively for our audience Mod explained the concept to Trent, Marcel, Jake and the #DXLive faithful.

The whole idea of Movie is that right before you die your life will flash in front of your eyes. The whole point of it is to make sure that you fucking love your movie,” exclaimed Mod. “That’s what Movie is about.”

He continued: “I don’t make moments boring in my life because I feel like everything that’s going on is a scene in my movie and at the end of my life I wanna absolutely love my movie. I wanna look at my movie not someone else’s, so Movie is about the fact that you’re turning your life into that. You wanna love your scenes no matter what happens. You control it because it’s yours.”

One of Mod’s new songs is called “Two.” According to Mod people have told him that is sounds inspired by Jay Z’s classic album cut “22 Two’s,” but he also claimed he’s never even heard the song.

“Everyone says it sounds like an ode to Jay Z ‘22 Two’s.’ I’ve never even heard that song,” said Mod, who, in true Rick James fashion — then clarified that he probably had heard it. “I’ve heard Reasonable Doubt that’s my favorite Jay Z shit, so then maybe I probably know that one, but I don’t know it like off hand. I guess he says everything about ‘two’s or something.”

As for Album, Mod points to everyday activity and conversations as the basis for his inspiration behind the title.

“Me making a film that goes with it that’s called Album is because in this world all these conversations, that’s the album. That’s the music. There’s music going on everywhere, all the dialogue, the conversations, the action you’re doing is what makes the song so if you can feel what I’m saying, I’m saying the actions make the song, the words that you’re saying make the music.”

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