Twitterville – Over the weekend, Drake finally released his long-delayed More Life “playlist” and the general consensus has been that it’s a pretty solid project.

Upon soaking up the 22-song project, Hot 97’s Old Man Ebro decided to jump out in the Twittersphere with his bold opinion that Drizzy was single-handily bringing back house music.

“Fuck it…Drake brining House Music back!!” Ebro wrote.

And the crowd went wild.

Most of the negative reactions stemmed from fans of several other Hip Hop artists who have dabbled — and seen various wins — in the power of house music.

Most notable among the detractors was multifaceted Montreal producer Kaytranada, who responded to Ebro’s claims with a proverbial sit-up-in-your-seat tweet: “*clears throat* say what?”

HipHopDX’s 2016 Producer of The Year increased his already thriving fanbase thanks to his breakout album, 99.9%, which drew inspiration from elements of Hip Hop, R&B, electronica and yep, you guessed it, house music. The album featured guest spots from Anderson .Paak, Vic Mensa, Phonte and others, and was ranked #4 on HipHopDX’s Best Albums of 2016.

While the percentage of what Ebro actually believes in that tweet is debatable, he sure did have a fun time retweeting some of his more passionate mentions. Especially the ones who were up on his shenanigans.