Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe - 

If you’ve been paying attention to Will Smith’s one and only verified social media account, then you’ll know the superstar actor has been far away from home having the time of his life.

At 48-years-young, Smith has been rocking the salt and pepper look as of late and during a recent bungee jumping excursion off Victoria Falls across the Zambezi River, an action screenshot of the stunt circulated on Reddit.

And according to the bulk of Fresh Prince fans worldwide, Smith is a spitting image of his late co-star, James Avery a.k.a. Uncle Phil.

Avery died just hours shy of 2014 on December 31, 2013 at age 68 from complications following open heart surgery. The NBC award-winning series ran from September 10, 1990 to May 20, 1996.

As for the adrenaline rush, Smith appeared to cross a notch off the bucket list in epic fashion.

“Oh, that was fantastic,” he exclaimed following the jump.