Mos Def has been told by a divorce judge to settle the divorce from his wife of 10 years out of court.

The rapper was urged by Brooklyn judge, Justice Sarah Krauss, to talk the settlement over with his wife, Maria Yepes-Smith.

“Work it out, right now,” she told the two parties. “I have 50 cases here.”

Mos Def, born Dante Terrell Smith, filed for divorce in February, and was ordered to pay $10,000 a month in child support for the couple’s two daughters, aged seven and eight.

Until then, the rapper had paid only $8,000 a month, claiming business ventures and obligations to his three other children prevented him from making the court ordered payments.

“I’m the only person who’s providing for my children,” Mos Def told Judge Krauss at the hearing in February.

However, Yepes-Smith’s lawyer cited the commercials for the rapper/actor’s last film, 16 blocks, as reason for Mos to make the full payments.

“I’ve been seeing him in these commercials with Bruce Willis for his new movie,” lawyer Karen Blaustein said after the hearing. “I’m sure he made enough money to pay his child support for his seven and eight-year-old daughters.”