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Two-9 came through last week and took over the DX Live offices. Literally.

The seven-man squad dominated the entire table and shared stories of nights so lit Rick James (#RIP) would be proud. Among all the debauchery-laced tales, the seven man, vowel-hating crew also spoke a little bit about the new album FRVR which came out earlier this month on Mike WiLL Made It’s label EarDrummers Entertainment.

As for working with the mogul/hitmaker Mike Will himself, the Two-9 MCs said when it comes time to work the super producer goes into beast mode. “He’s so different when he’s workin’. He’s really focused and really intense and he’s hands-on as fuck.

“He’s really [a producer]” said CeeJ. “[He’ll be like] ‘Go in there and say this. No, say it like this.’ He don’t make beats. He produces! Don’t get me wrong he’s making beats but, anybody can make a beat but it takes a special person to produce.”

Our debut album FRVR is out now on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play & Amazon MP3.

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Curtis Williams added, “Mike gets into mixing of the song, mixing that’s how we are so it’s tight to be with somebody like Mike that understands that.”

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