For the first time since 2015, Prince’s back catalog is available to stream through Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon and more.

Over the last two years, Prince’s music had been accessible only through TIDAL’s streaming service — a state of affairs that was challenged by Prince’s estate after he passed away in 2016.

Throughout his career, Prince doggedly pursued those who bootlegged his music online — suing 22 people for a total of $22 million after footage of his live performances surfaced on the internet.

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Prince also worked hard to shut down any unauthorized use of his music on platforms such as YouTube, which are often a free-for-all. A statement on Prince’s behalf at the time read: “Prince strongly believes artists as the creators and owners of their music need to reclaim their art.”

Now, Prince’s music will be available to anyone who has access to any streaming service, with Purple Rain and the rest of his body of work spreading across cyberspace.

The development is an appropriately timed one, coinciding with Sunday night’s Grammy Awards where Bruno Mars performed a wonderful tribute to Prince, while dressed in a classic purple-sequin get-up. If this puts you in the mood to listen to Prince, well, you’re in luck.