Atlanta, GA

While promoting his latest project, Gelato, Young Dolph dropped a bombshell during an interview with DJ Holiday on the Atlanta radio station, Streetz 94.5, where he addressed the most recent “situation” between the “King of Memphis” rapper and his predecessor Yo Gotti, and ultimately demanded an apology. In reference to the blatant diss track, “Play Wit Yo Bitch,” he said he should have named it “Truth,” and elaborated, “This the first diss song Dolph ever put out. It really ain’t even a diss song, it’s just straight facts.”

He also explained his reasoning behind the track, which he says stemmed from Gotti trying to subtly diss him first in a couple of his recent mixtapes. “He did it two times,” he said. “The last two tapes he done put out. He thought the coast was clear, okay. He know what I do. He like, ‘Dolph ain’t paying us no attention. Dolph getting them Ms. He racking ’em up, going crazy, by himself. He ain’t paying no attention.’ He thought the coast was clear.”

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When asked what initially sparked the animosity between the two Memphis rappers, Dolph speculated it was because of his refusal to sign with Gotti’s label when Dolph began to gain traction. His answer presumably won’t make things any better.

“Sign with him for what?” he asked. “Hell naw it didn’t make sense. Look what Dolph doin. Nope. I can’t do it. Nope. Cocaine Musik faggots. No. That ain’t Dolph. I wouldn’t even feel right. I would feel so out of place over there with some faggots.”

Toward the end of the conversation, Dolph said the beef between the two could be squashed if Gotti would simply apologize “publicly” and if he doesn’t, he dropped an ominous piece of advice, “He just needs to stay out of my way.” There’s a sense, however, that won’t be happening anytime soon. Check out the full interview above.