Memphis, TN – Young Dolph has been a thorn in the side of Yo Gotti, his fellow Memphis rap titan since he proclaimed dominion over the city with his February 2016 album.

Now that it’s time for the rollout of his upcoming Gelato mixtape, the self-proclaimed “King of Memphis” still isn’t satisfied with whatever peace talks fell through as the year rolled by and to kick off 2017, he unleashes a scathing diss titled “Play With Yo’ Bitch” featuring some pretty eyebrow-raising accusations (“I don’t know no gangstas that beef with dykes”, “You came up rapping dissing Three 6 Mafia”, and the ‘ol “Hit ‘Em Up”: baby mother jab).

And unlike most beefs these days, Dolph let the song do the talking for him, simply adding #NuthingButFacts on his social media accounts.

Being the bigger artist, Yo Gotti hasn’t really entertained this festering feud that much but it looks like the war on wax is inevitable now.

PLAY WIT YO BITCH FUK NIXXA! Tellem I said dat!! ?? (Link in my bio) #NuthinButFACTS

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