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News of WorldStarHipHop founder Lee “Q” O’Denat’s death still feels surreal for those amongst the Hip Hop community. Especially seeing that the tech mogul was days away from launching a new TV show on MTV2.

You probably couldn’t find a relevant rapper in the past seven years who didn’t benefit from WSHH’s mighty reach, and that includes Bay Area staple Mistah F.A.B. The grind mastering MC has managed to always be just as visible on the video behemoth’s front page as some of the more sanctioned artists and when contacted by HipHopDX on the day of Q’s death, he was actually surprised to learn that the tragic news was indeed a fact.

“Bro, I thought that was a rumor,” Fabby Davis Jr. incredulously tells DX. “Dude always had my back from the gate, from the post on the website to text and personal interactions. Always in good favor and spirit. Respect his legacy,” he said.

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Paramedics rushed to a San Diego massage parlor on Monday, January 23, after O’Denat went unresponsive. The official cause of death was eventually revealed to be heart disease, with obesity as a contributing factor. Stan Pablo doesn’t know whether or not Q was a fan of music or just really respected the grind, but he will never forget the nods he was given as their relationship grew.

“Through the continued support free of charge it was something he was fond of,” F.A.B. continued. “The legacy of WSHH will be remembered in several ways depending on who you ask. Since it’s me who’s being asked, I feel they became the CNN of Hip Hop where people looked to them to provide world news daily from an urban point of view.”