In a series of three Instagram video posts, one of Hip Hop’s most politically outspoken artists, T.I., called out Kanye West and comedic powerhouse Steve Harvey for playing into Donald Trump’s “hidden agenda.” West and Harvey have both taken private meetings with the President-elect, which has caused an uproar across social media platforms and media outlets alike.

“Attn.!!!! Be clear…. There IS an agenda behind all these meetings,” T.I. titled the first caption where he doesn’t mention any names. “I shall explain in detail. Be aware. Be alert. Or Be Bamboozled!!!”

In part two, he explains the likely motivation behind Trump taking photos with celebrities like Yeezy and Harvey, essentially suggesting it’s all a publicity stunt to secure approval from the black segment of the population. “They seen how adamantly against him being president the Hip Hop community and young black people in America was, so what do they do? They get Kanye West. He’s their representative.”

Ok so this how it all breaks down guys…. Be aware Be alert or Be bamboozled. #USorELSE pt.2

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After going on about Harvey and his appeal to black women, he touches on the Congressman John Lewis controversy and the fact that Martin Luther King Jr.’s son met up with Trump on his “god damn daddy’s birthday” for the observed holiday today (January 16). While T.I. makes sure to harp on how important it is to have mutual respect for people’s differences, it’s clear his frustration level is at an all-time high. Watch the videos above.