Lil Yachty has come a long way in one year (never mind in five) and this holiday season he reflected on his time growing up by retweeting his Christmas list from 2011. That year, the rapper born Miles Parks McCollum, was a tender 14-years-old and had quite a list for Santa, especially because Yachty considered himself to have been a “PREETTTTY good ass nigga.”

Among the items on the Christmas list are an iPhone, a Louis Vuitton belt (that was supposedly a year late), “3 Bad ASS lightskin bitches (perfer DD size boobs)” and Kim Kardashian’s sex tape.

Five years later, Lil Yachty has toured the nation with his own mixtape, Lil Boat, and signed a fresh deal with Quality Control. In 2016, the 19-year-old’s Christmas was all about his mother as he shared a picture on Instagram of the gifts he showered her with.