Los Angeles, CA – As Lupe Fiasco attempts to balance the rap community’s divide on the presidential election, Azealia Banks sees no qualms in gloating over Donald Trump‘s inevitable entry into the White House.

Although the Harlem rapstress is still banned from Twitter, she kept her Facebook/Instagram combo lively with up-to-date reactions, including a very celebratory post following the Electoral College announcement that swayed in President Trump’s favor.

“First off, I would like to apologize to Donald Trump for all the stupid jokes I made. (I was kidding),” she began before adding, “I would like to apologize for all the other times I was dumb enough to let the liberal media sway my opinion of you.”

In February of this year, Banks, 25, revealed she would be voting for Trump while claiming America “was full of shit” but come October, she backpedaled completely, calling the now presidential elect “toupey-toupee” in a slanderous retraction.

Yet, as it appeared to be the case with most Americans, the open disdain for Trump didn’t match the private moments in the voting booth as he was able to wrestle several battleground states including Pennsylvania, Ohio and Florida away from Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

And such an unprecedented feat calls for unceremonious praise from Banks.

“Thirdly I’m fucking proud as FUCK of you,” continued. “One for being a gemini, two for being from NYC, three for winning the presidency and four for beating the media. The last part is your biggest victory in my eyes and I must say that I am TRULY inspired by this and feel deep amounts of vindication. Thanks for letting me know that I’m not crazy (even though I fronted a few times) liberals run Hollywood and it’s been a COLD WORLD OUT HERE FOR ME AS A TRUMP SUPPORTER ?. Best of luck on everything and thanks again,” she concluded, signing it “Sincerely – AB #TRUMP2017.”

Peep the gamut of Azealia Banks’ Instagram Donald Trump support below.

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