Atlanta, GA

Gucci Mane’s first album of 2016, Everybody Looking, won the Atlanta trapstar fairly positive reviews and resulted in his highest chart position ever.

Given that he just released the Woptober mixtape on top of that, Gucci’s 2016 work ethic certainly can’t be questioned and it doesn’t look like he’s slowing down as the year draws to a close.

At 36-years-young, Gucci is going harder than ever and releasing his tenth studio album, The Return Of East Atlanta Santa, before the year is out.

Late Sunday evening, he took to his Twitter account to make a very bold prediction about his next project.

After one tweet that simply read “Success is the best revenge!” hashtagged with #TheReturnOfEasAtlantaSanta, Gucci dropped the release date (December 16th) and claimed that The Return Of East Atlanta Santa would be the album of the year.

Gucci Mane wasn’t done with tweets featuring the album title hashtag. On Monday morning, Gucci followed up the previous night’s tweets with “Only thang on my mind is making it out here alive!” — his new key to survival.